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    公司的宗旨是為客戶(hù)創(chuàng )造具有高附加值的產(chǎn)品和提供良好的技術(shù)服務(wù)。我們的銷(xiāo)售和技術(shù)服務(wù)團隊具有豐富的專(zhuān)業(yè)技術(shù)知識和經(jīng)驗,他們將在現場(chǎng)為您提供全面的技術(shù)支持,給出解決問(wèn)題的方案,確保您的生產(chǎn)系統采用高效力的化學(xué)品和正確的使用方法;同時(shí)我們會(huì )提供完善的加藥設備及管路系統,會(huì )全程監控藥品的使用情況并及時(shí)向您匯報;并且可根據您的實(shí)際情況量身研發(fā)定制,提供獨特效用的產(chǎn)品,從而滿(mǎn)足客戶(hù)的各種需求。


    JINGTIAN (SHANGHAI)ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of chemicals in the fields of energy new materials, pulp and paper, oil refining, water treatment and other chemical industries

    The company has a strong doctoral research and development team and a sound laboratory, constantly research and develop cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products to provide customers; our chemical products are mainly sold to the mainland of China, Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries, is one of the major chemical products suppliers of large paper manufacturers.

    The company is to create high value-added products and provide good technical services for customers. Our sales and technical service teams have a wealth of technical expertise and experience, and they will provide you with comprehensive technical support and solutions in the field. Ensure that your production system uses highly effective chemicals and uses them correctly; at the same time, we will provide perfect dosing equipment and pipeline system, monitor the use of drugs in the whole process and report to you in time: and according to your fire situation is personal development and customization to provide unique utility products to meet the various needs of customers.